“If it’s such a great profession, why aren’t you turning tricks?” [Daily Beast]

Kirsten Powers has a great piece at the Daily Beast about the so-called “slut walks”

Gail Dines, professor of women’s studies at Boston’s Wheelock College and author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, finds the Slut Walks alarming. She told me, “It is not understanding the context of the world they are living in. The average male today gets his major sex education from porn. And the message they get is that women are sluts.” To the liberal feminists, whom Dines calls porn and prostitution apologists, she asks: “If it’s such a great profession, why aren’t you turning tricks?”

It’s one thing to acknowledge that women are in control of their sexuality and have the intelligence to decide if and when to have sex. It’s a whole other to celebrate a lifestyle that is primarily the result of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. Anyone who’s been out in the real world for any meaningful period of time has encountered enough “slutty” women to know that primarily only the emotionally damaged choose to have sex with many men. Where do you expect to find a higher incidence of depression, among female doctors and “oppressed” Christian homemakers or the San Fernando valley’s porn stars?

And here’s Cassy’s piece at NRB about the subject today.

And here’s a (censored) video of the hilarious Australian comedian Jim Jeffries talking about the difference between sluts and studs. Note to pseudo-feminists: there are biological reasons why a man who has a lot of sex is highly regarded while a woman is looked down upon for the same behavior. There are different biological results of both lifestyles.

Posted on May 19 2011 12:54 pm by David Swindle
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