Nonie Darwish on the Muslims Who Hid Osama Bin Laden & Why They Stopped Protecting Him [FrontPage]

At FrontPage today from the courageous ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish:

Muslim leaders knew very well that their lives were on the line if they handed over Bin Laden to the Americans. They know where the Islamist groups are, where the terrorists train and where their money and support comes from. Support for Al Qaeda and many other jihadist and terrorist groups, even the so-called reformed Muslim Brotherhood which produced Al Qaeda, runs deep in the psyche of many Muslims.

But gradually the love affair of many Muslims with Bin Laden started fading away and other jihadist heroes took his place. That was a signal to the leaders of Pakistan and perhaps other Muslim leaders to go ahead and give him up to the United States since it is now less dangerous for them and perhaps can be used as leverage for some demands from the U.S. government. The calculations for giving up Bin Laden now were much better than before. The capture of Bin Laden also coincided with a sharp decrease in Obama’s popularity — which desperately needed a boost before next year’s elections. The need for America was increased and the fear of Muslim leaders of giving him up was decreased; and so, voila: Bin Laden was killed.

Going along with my previous post: we’re at war with an Idea, not with one man who can just be killed. It was not Osama bin Laden’s brilliant cunning that kept him alive all these years. It was a Muslim world that protected him — some because they believed in his message and others because they were too terrified of the consequences of standing up to the message.

Posted on May 2 2011 7:28 am by David Swindle
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