Memo to Leftists: You Can’t Ask for End of War on Terror When You Never Acknowledged it Began To Begin With [Daily Beast]

Peter Beinart at the Daily Beast is entirely predictable:

Bin Laden’s death is an opportunity to lay the war on terror to rest as well. Although President Obama avoids the phrase, its assumptions still drive our war in Afghanistan, a crushingly expensive adventure in nation building in a desperately poor country whose powerful neighbor wants us to fail. Those assumptions fuel anti-Muslim racism in the United States, where large swaths of the Republican Party have decided they are at risk of living under Sharia law. And they blind us to the differences among Islamist movements, allowing Glenn Beck and company to depict Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as al Qaeda’s farm team.

When I was on the Left I wrote columns about how the “war on terror” was an invention of the political Right to scare Americans into letting evil conservatives send our troops overseas to secure more oil for greedy corporations. This has been the default position of basically everyone of note on the Left.

Back then I would say things like, “we’re at war with Al Qaeda, which is just the most extreme of Islam in the same way that abortion bombers and Westboro Baptist are the extremes of Christianity.” Leftists still think these same things today. If they acknowledge terrorism at all then they think it’s a tiny problem and point to how more people die every year from car accidents than terrorist attacks. (Bill Maher made this argument recently on Real Time.)

Posted on May 2 2011 9:34 am by David Swindle
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