Irony: President Obama will Get Credit for OBL, But it Wouldn’t Have Happened without Waterboarding KSM

Right Sphere has the breakdown, read the whole thing:

I was hoping against hope that the news of Bin Laden’s death would at least be a non-political event for one day. It was wishful thinking, of course. The Left is trying really hard to make this an all-Obama victory less than 24 hours into the news cycle.

Here are the facts: It took nearly 10 years to find and kill the bastard. Everyone involved from day one deserves equal credit for it. This was an accomplishment for the United States of America, not any single person.

That said, there are some key pieces of information being completely ignored by the professional Left and the narrative shapers in the media. The most glaring omission so far is that the initial intel, the initial lead which took years to develop into a successful mission which was executed yesterday, May 1 2011, was obtained from a detainee at Guantanamo Bay – sometime after 2003.


Posted on May 2 2011 9:53 am by David Swindle
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