Gee, I Wonder Why my Leftist Friends Have the Same Reaction to Osama’s Death as the Muslim Brotherhood…

Last night I got the following text from one of my leftist friends from college:

Ding Dong bin Laden’s dead! Does that mean we can bring all our troops home now?

This morning I responded. (My profanity toward him has been edited out of the exchange, if you like pepper and salt on your dialogue then imagine them in and you’ll probably be right):

You don’t even realize that the Muslim Brotherhood has the same position as you. They put out a release this morning saying now American troops should all be brought home, as if Bin Laden’s death changes anything. You haven’t even bothered to wonder why the Muslims hiding him decided now was a good time to stop. Radical Islamists know that terrorism doesn’t work. That’s why al qaeda is playing less of a role and the Muslim Brotherhood is rising.

(Here’s the release by the way, on a leftist site.) His response:


I don’t need to be lectured today.

Never mind the fact that he was the one who had texted me and started the whole exchange. I responded:

You mean you don’t want to deal with the fact that you had the same reaction to the news as the Muslim Brotherhood? Big surprise. Big Man wants to piss all over everyone with his politial idiocy but can’t handle when it splashes back in his face.

My friend then adopted the usual leftist tactic when you’re losing a debate — change the subject:

If you people had your way we’d be leading strikes in half the countries around the globe right now

Never go on the defensive in these fights. Just hit back harder. I responded:

And when you have your way our women will be living in burqas and we’ll be living under Sharia law.

And that’s all I intend to say to him today.

Posted on May 2 2011 8:10 am by David Swindle
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