Donald Trump Might Be “Magical” But He Doesn’t Have a Rabbit in His Hat [Ben Shapiro at TownHall]

My friend Ben Shapiro has a thought-provoking column today on “The Magic of Donald Trump”:

In the last several weeks, that ideal Republican candidate has materialized.

His name is Donald Trump. His slogan is ready-made: “You’re Fired.” He does not give a damn what the media thinks of him — he steamrolled Meredith Vieira during his NBC interview with her last week. He can self-fund to the tune of $1 billion.

And what’s more, he can win.

Pay no attention to the recent polls showing Obama crushing Trump by 20 points in a head-to-head matchup. That disparity is attributable to the public perception that Trump is a loudmouth with no true interest in running. The moment he declares in earnest and gets on the campaign stump, his numbers will rise dramatically.

Trump has across-the-board appeal. His show, “The Apprentice,” routinely draws nearly 9 million viewers per episode. Blue-collar workers identify with Trump’s rough-and-tumble attitude. He even has union support — he’s made a political mint bashing outsourcing, and he recently told Human Events that he has made “many billions of dollars working with the unions,” though he does not disagree that public sector unions bilk taxpayers.

Trump’s image boils down to this: he’s a no-nonsense businessman who is brash enough to take on Obama directly. He’s big enough to stand toe-to-toe with Obama and slug it out.

I won’t be making any presidential endorsements or primary recommendations at Political Warfare, FrontPage, or NewsReal Blog. That’s not our role at the Freedom Center. But I can certainly say what qualities Americans should be looking for when they cast their ballot.

On top of all qualifiers for who should be put before the American people for President is this: moral clarity. The single most important thing that we need to have in a President is not someone who is smart or experienced or skilled at fighting political war or a good talker or someone who meets some conservative principles litmus test. All of those things are WORTHLESS when we do not have someone who knows Right from Wrong.

In spite of his shortcomings (particularly on economics) George W. Bush had moral clarity. He was a decent person. Ronald Reagan had it too. And in spite of the much deserved bad reputation that politicians in general have, there are many on the scene who actually are good people.

Ben, I agree with you on many of the pluses you list in your column about how Trump is aggressively challenging Obama. However, do you honestly think Trump is a trustworthy, moral person? Because it doesn’t help the conservative cause to get someone in who will get impeached or sabotage us in some other stupid way.

Posted on April 13 2011 2:54 pm by David Swindle
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