Ron Radosh Slams Pete Seeger as a “Useful Idiot” for his Support of Islamic Nazism

I love it when Ron takes off the gloves:

Now he stands firmly with the BDS movement, and gives royalties from “Turn, Turn, Turn” to the anti-Israeli cause, something you should remember next time you hear it played on the radio. (I wonder how Roger McGuinn feels about this, since his version with The Byrds made it popular.)  Have no mistake about what BDS is for. It says nothing when Hamas lobs rockets on Israel; when suicide bombers ply their trade in Jerusalem, as happened yesterday. It offers no criticism; calling only for sanctions against and boycotts of Israel. I have not heard Seeger protest about the brutal and vicious killing of the Fogel family last week, a brutal murder by Palestinian terrorists celebrated by Hamas with the handing out of candy to the Gaza populace.

Ron links to this post published in Right to Exist by Hannah Sternberg, one of my favorites of our new bloggers.

Posted on March 25 2011 3:28 pm by David Swindle
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